Welcome to my new site.

Welcome to my new site! I can edit this page by clicking on the Edit link. Which I will do when I have time and not now, when I just randomly started this thing suddenly!

Please enjoy.

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I Emerge

Next up will be to figure out how I get the wordpress dot com out of my url up there. How did I do that before?

Maybe I Will Show You My ART

Should I talk about my art? I reckon I will. I’m an illustrator and I like selling things to people sometimes. Also I like getting commissions. I have other sites that were meant to be completed, for the last hundred years. Maybe I will just use this one instead who even knows anymore! But IContinue reading “Maybe I Will Show You My ART”

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This is Zesta.

i bet this site is going to be a personal blog

In a fit of exasperation concerning my inability to remember passwords to anything, yet being too aggravated to reset them — I have made this.

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